Silver Oaks Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to provide the best possible all-round education to each of our student through a comprehensive programme. The aim is to produce inquiring, confident open minded children who are reflective in their thinking, balanced and well disciplined in their behaviour; and grow up to be caring and responsible persons positively engaging with society and the world.
1.Silver Oaks School follows on the pattern of CBSE curriculum till Grade VII.
2.The curriculum aims cater to the individual child’s pace of growth and development-through the school’s age-appropriate activities.
3.Various teaching methods will be integrated into a traditional, broad-based curriculum with a transdisciplinary approach.
4.We encourage children to discover and explore through experiential activities that are designed to make them think.
5.Classes from Pre-Primary to Grade VII follow a structured curriculum designed to enhance every child’s soft skills.
6.The School’s curriculum is designed to strengthen higher order thinking skills exposing students to a variety of content areas, literacy,
7.numeracy, and technology, while nurturing artistic, physical and interpersonal development.
8.The teachers, too,  undergo periodic training through refresher courses and programmes to upgrade their skills and improve their performance.
9.Parents will be involved through regular active orientations to help them understand the need for their participation in their child’s progress.